Out of Touch

Posted on January 19, 2019

My U.S. congressional representative, Nita Lowey, sent an email newsletter yesterday. She had nothing to say about the record-breaking federal government shutdown that’s threatening to screw up air travel, among other things. Didn’t even mention it.

Instead, she just wanted to brag about her latest win at the pork barrel.

Dear Friend:

Last week, I reintroduced my bipartisan bill, the SALT Deductibility Act, with my Republican colleague Congressman Peter King. This vital legislation would bring tax fairness back to the many New York families hit by the new federal tax law.


I can only imagine what this must feel like if you are, say, a TSA agent wondering if and when your paycheck will come. Even my credit union is more on-point than this.

I’m no Trump supporter, but I can understand why people want to throw bricks through windows, as the saying goes.