How to say "Daniel Gnoutcheff"

My last name is pronounced "guh-nu-cheth", i.e. with a hard "g" (such that it alliterates with "GNU", appropriately enough :). In IPA, it probably would be written as /ɡənuːtʃɛf/. Here's audio of me saying my name:

No worries if you can't remember how to pronounce it. Mispronunciations are a valued source of amusement. :)

I have no middle names, partially because with a name like "Gnoutcheff", there's little need for them. My unusual last name provides uniqueness while preserving brevity, which makes it great for search engines :).

As for my first name: I pronounce it the usual way, and I typically write it as "Daniel", although I also respond to "Dan" or "Danny". It does occasionally lead to confusion when I'm in the company of other Daniels -- which seems to be rather common.

To the extent possible under law, Daniel Gnoutcheff has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to How to say "Daniel Gnoutcheff".

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