video extractor

Posted on January 11, 2014 (python3 script)

This quick-and-dirty script can be used to extract direct-download URLs for some of the videos hosted by (a rather shady anime streaming service). It expects a URL as a command-line argument and, if successful, prints the extracted video URL to stdout. For example:

$ python3 '' Episode 1.mp4?st=K20WGzQJmkNjgCOQJ9Y4sQ&e=1421012503 $ wget ' Episode 1.mp4?st=K20WGzQJmkNjgCOQJ9Y4sQ&e=1421012503' -O 'Kotoura-san Episode 1.mp4' ...

As of January 2015, it only works on videos served with’s playernew.swf player. There’s no error handling to speak of, so it’s likely to dump a traceback on you if things don’t go exactly as expected.

I wrote this script as a small programming/cryptanalysis/web scraping exercise, and I post it on the off-chance that someone finds it useful. A credible next-step might be to wrap this as a youtube-dl extractor, but as of this writing, youtube-dl’s testing policy requires us to find a video that doesn’t look like copyright infringement, and generally doesn’t look legal.

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